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How To Use Exam Page

On successful Login you are able to attempt the no of tests available on Test List page.

  Test Page :

First you will see the instructins for the test you selected. On Click of 'Start Exam' you are provided with your Test Paper.

  Place for Answering Question :

You can submit your answer with radio buttons selection of your choice.

  Common Data for Question :

If the question is based on some information then you will be provided with the "Common Data" for question. You can minimize or maximize the "Common Data" information. Scrolling facility is provided to read the "Common Data" without any disturbance to other side of your exam page.

  Question List :

You can quickly Review your exam status on click of "Question List".Where you can find the questions as
1) All questions list (Answered,Unanswered,Marked)
2) Answered questions list
3) Unanswered questions list
4)Marked questions list
You can jump to question for answer on click of question in Question List.

  Answer Sheet :

Answer Sheet provides the you the details about your answer for question and also it shows the marked questions.
You can directly jump to question by clicking on the Question Number from Answer Sheet.

At any time in test you can,

1) move to any Question number in the test by clicking on the numbers provided.
2) go to any Section with section numbers (if present).
3) Also you can go to Next and Previous question with the help of the provided buttons.
4) Mark the question for your review.
5) Pause the exam.
6) Save the exam for later (Can resume from Unfinished Exam section provided on My Account Page ).
7) Finish the exam to see result (Can not be ressumed).
8) Hide/Show the Timer.
9) See the Directions and Instructions for test.

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